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Develop insight into your experiences and begin healing


Trauma-Informed Therapy

Sometimes we have experiences in life that entirely overwhelm our ability to cope, that leave us feeling powerless, dejected and alone. It can be frustrating, isolating and even unsafe trying to work through these experiences on your own. If you are struggling to understand and cope with the trauma you’ve lived through, I can help.

I provide a safe and warm environment to support you to uncover and address the symptoms of your trauma, such as emotional distress, intrusive memories or flashbacks, harmful behaviours and unhealthy relationship patterns. I will help you to establish safety and stabilization in your body, environment and emotions and, in time, come to terms with your experience. 

I take an empathetic, person-centred and non-judgmental approach and I hope that I can help you to find peace and resolution.

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Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)


Violence and abuse in intimate relationships (also referred to as domestic violence), although very common, often goes unspoken as a source of secrecy and shame. When IPV occurs, the onus is usually put on the victim/survivor to ensure their own safety, get the necessary support and make changes to prevent violence from occurring again. I believe it is of utmost importance to shift this responsibility the person committing the abuse. 

Psycho-education on IPV as related to an individual's own experience can aid in development of insight, accountability and behavioural change. Psycho-educational topics that I examine in session include the different forms of abuse as related to power and control, power dynamics in intimate relationships, gender socialization and strategies for nonviolent behaviour. 

We are all capable of change and I hope to support you in making meaningful growth. 

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